ISO 9001:2008 Certified

In 2005, Group Seven became ISO 9001:2000 certified through Underwriters Laboratories. We currently hold the most recent ISO 9001:2008 certification through UL DQS and undergo rigorous audits yearly to maintain our certification. We take great pride in this achievement and continually look for ways to improve our processes and performance as a company. Our extensive, quality-controlled processes help us to manage your product from conception to completion, and we take satisfaction in knowing that your product will meet the highest quality standards.

Our Quality Policy

Group Seven will consistently provide products and services that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. We will actively pursue ever-improving quality through processes designed to enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.


Group Seven’s assembly house partners all comply with the most current IPC Workmanship Standards. We can provide certificates of compliance to these standards and for RoHS compliance if requested.

Testing Capabilities

Should you need your finished product tested, we can implement your established testing process as a part of our complete program management. If you need help developing a cost-effective test procedure, we have resources to help your engineers establish a viable test procedure for your product.